Avoiding DIY Methods for Bed Bug Infestations

Avoiding DIY Methods for Bed Bug Infestations

So you’ve begun to notice the signs that bed bugs have taken up residence in your home, and your initial instinct is to run and grab a can of pesticide to take back your home. But before you do, there are a few things you might want to consider before attempting a bed bug removal DIY project. While many DIY methods may seem practical, effective, and safe, there is quite a few evidence that claims otherwise. Here’s what you need to know before you head out to the store to try the latest DIY fad.

Bed Bug Infestation

Popular DIY Methods

DIY methods are becoming increasingly popular as the years pass, mostly because it’s thought to be cheaper and faster. When you spot a bug in your home, no matter the type, it’s human nature to want to get find the source and handle the situation on your own rather than hire a professional. While some of the following methods may be helpful at first, they normally only solve the problem for a short time.

Some of the DIY methods that are often used for bed bug removal and prevention include:

  • Reducing the clutter in your home so that bed bugs have less areas to hide
  • Cleaning linens and clothing in hot water to kill the bugs
  • Caulk and seal cracks and holes to prevent hiding areas
  • Placing sticky pads under the legs of your bed to catch bugs

While these methods surely work for prevention in some cases, they will not completely kill and remove all the critters from your home.

Why They Don’t Work

Many of these DIY techniques seem like a great idea, and in some cases, they can work. However, in the long run, it’s been proven that bed bugs are developing a resistance to many over-the-counter products that were once used for maintenance and repellant. Bug bombs and foggers are also not considered safe or effective since they rarely reach the small cracks where these pests like to hide. Not only are they becoming ineffective, but they also are hazardous and explosive if used inappropriately.

The Better Option

By now, you understand more clearly why these DIY techniques often fail and are ineffective for removing bed bugs from your home. So, what else are you supposed to do? The main things to remember when discovering a bed bug infestation are to stay calm, make a plan, and understand that this has nothing to do with your home being dirty and cluttered. It’s essential that you do not reach for an insecticide, alcohol, gasoline, or homemade pesticides as these can become dangerous to your health and home. Also, do not move furniture from room to room as this can cause the spread of an infestation. Once you acknowledge that you indeed have a bed bug infestation, contact a Pest Control Hamilton specialist at once so that they can assist you in properly handling the infestation. It may seem like a practical idea to handle things on your own, however, to ensure the bed bug infestation is completely gone, it’s important for a professional to tackle the situation.