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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers ant free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure ants are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Hamilton pest control services.

Ant control solutions by licensed and insured exterminators.

Ants are tiny insects that display highly developed social characteristics that therefore make up for their size in numbers, infesting properties and causing a nuisance simply by their presence. While a trail of ants carrying back food into their nests can be a nuisance to you in your home or even your business place, there are also several other risks associated with the presence of ants on your property.

Some ant species, like the Carpenter Ant, can even pose a danger to the structure of your property due to their nesting habits and if left unchallenged, these colonies can even result in permanent damages that take a sizeable amount to repair or restore.

Moreover, certain ant species are capable of delivering stings that result in painful welts and can even induce allergic symptoms that could prove to be dangerous on the health front.

At Pest Control Hamilton, we understand the habits and characteristics of ants well, and therefore know that getting rid of these pests is often the only solution that homeowners seek. Our ant control services help in getting rid of every ant on your property and even include proofing solutions that last.

Our technicians also inspect the extent of damage that an ant colony may have brought upon your property, thereby ensuring that you are made aware of any repairs that may be required. We deal with all species of pest ants including Pharaoh Ants, Odorous House Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Pavements Ants, Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants and more.

So, if you’re up against an ant infestation and are searching for a permanent solution, all you have to do is call us on 647-560-0354 for a prompt inspection, and we will take care of the rest.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Ants and Damage to Property

There are more than 22,000 estimated species of ants found all over the planet and of these, around 12,500 have been classified and documented. Thankfully, the species of ants that act as pests to us humans are only a handful.

Ants are extremely hardworking insects and highly social by nature. Their colonies reflect an enviable social hierarchy that works like clockwork and everything that takes place in the ant world has a specific reason to it. Specific roles are assigned to specific types of ants and rarely would you see them deviate from the plan. It is indeed surprising to witness such consistency and determination in such tiny insects, but that’s how ants are.

However, this resilient and determined nature also makes ants terrible pests. The most common species of ants that prove to be pests in a household or even a commercial property are the Argentine Ant, the Thief Ant, the Ghost Ant, the Moisture Ant, the Pavement Ant, the Pharaoh Ant, the Bigheaded Ant, the Acrobat Ant, the Citronella Ant, the Carpenter Ant, the Red Imported Fire Ant, the Field Ant and the Odorous House Ant.

All these species of ants, as well as a few others, are common in the Hamilton area, both indoors as well as outdoors. Call our ant control Hamilton services to get professional treatment and preventive ant control solutions.


Types of Ants

There are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world although thankfully, only a handful of these species prove to be pests. However, even this handful of species are enough to cause a nuisance in residential and commercial properties.

In North America, some of the pest species of ants are Acrobat Ants, Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants, Field Ants, Ghost Ants, Moisture Ants, Pavement Ants, Thief Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Odorous House Ants, Harvester Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Citronella Ants, Bigheaded Ants and Allegheny Mound Ants.

Along these, the Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants and Pharaoh Ants prove to be the most common species that cause trouble on the home front.


How our ant control service works


After conducting an interior and exterior inspection where the pest control technicians meticulously inspect every inch of the premises, they will proceed to

the second stage of the place. Pest control technicians are usually called after an increased activity in ant presence throughout the property. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. The technicians will specifically look for entry-point which can consist of holes, cracks, crevices, fractures, and structural gaps that may be present throughout the building. Ants can be minuscule creatures and can fit through virtually any crack or hole that it comes across. Once the inspection is done, the technicians will move on to the next stage in the ant exclusion process.


At Pest Control Hamilton, we use only safe and eco-friendly methods in our services, and we are fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. As a member of the community we serve in ourselves we care deeply about the practices that can impact it. We prioritize the safety of our technicians and customers with ethical and safe treatment.


We guarantee that your place will be ant free in no time, and weʼll offer you a 6- month warranty. If any of the areas we have worked on have been breached we will return and redo the job with added reinforcement so that the area is secured guaranteed.


Our ant control service is available 24/7 and all through the year in Hamilton and other surrounding areas. Weʼre always ready to serve you. Our pest control services throughout the Hamilton region and surrounding areas are available 365 days a year! We are one of the very few services that are available all-year-round.


We work with unmarked trucks to ensure that we discretely serve you. At Pest Control Hamilton we understand the need for privacy when you have to go through this ordeal that is why every single technician comes with a well-equipped unmarked vehicle so that we can serve w=you without anyone knowing. a thing!


Being a demanded pest control service across the Hamilton region means that we have to keep our prices competitive yet affordable by giving you a premiere experience without the loss of any quality of service.


We are a team of highly trained, certified, government-licensed, and fully insured professionals dedicated to making your place pest free. We offer a fine service while keeping the price still affordable. At Pest Control Hamilton, price is not an indicator of quality, regardless of the price you still get the same great service for every and any job.


With over a decade of experience in ant control services, we know exactly how to deal with your ant infestation once and for all. We know what it takes to guarantee an ant-free house or business from all the cases we have been on in the past decade. Our technicians are seasoned individuals who are passionate about being the change in somebodyʼs life, no matter how small or big! Our technicians have been in the industry well before Pest Control Hamilton was conceived so you know that they come well-armed with both the tools and knowledge to succeed before they even set one foot in your property!

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