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A mouse may seem innocent with its large eyes and other cute features, but this tiny rodent is a serious threat to both health and property. A mice infestation is one of the most damaging infestations you can have in your residential or commercial property, and even if you have a single mouse scampering about on your property, it is best to get rid of it immediately.

People often give mice the benefit of doubt when it comes to property damage, thinking that their small size would hardly allow them to cause any significant damage. Even when it comes to the spread of disease, we often assume that rats are the main culprits, and mice are relatively safe. However, these assumptions are wrong on both counts, as mice are capable of both, causing damage to property as well as acting as health hazards.

At Pest Control Hamilton, we understand all the risks associated with the presence of mice and have therefore made it our business to rid your homes and businesses of these pesky creatures. We offer solutions that not only get rid of the current population of mice on your property but also put to work proofing solutions that will help in keeping them off your property in the future too.

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Why are Mice Dangerous Pests?

Mice may seem small and innocent, but the damages they can cause are substantial. They are dangerous to have around, both on the property as well as health front.

These inquisitive creatures are known to cause ten times more wastage than they actually consume and even chew on everything they come across, whether the material is edible or not.

On the health front, the saliva, feces, urine, and even the fleas and mites found on these rodents are capable of passing on bacteria and viruses that cause serious diseases. Some of these diseases even prove to be fatal in the absence of timely medical attention.

Moreover, since they are voracious breeders, giving even a couple of mice a free reign proves to be disastrous, as they swell in numbers quickly, and before you know it, you are up against a full-fledged infestation.




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Mice Facts

The House Mouse, the Field Mouse, the American White-footed Mouse, and the Deer Mouse are some of the most prevalent mouse species among the 30 known species. These rodents are considered a pest and a bother to human habitats. Mice are nocturnal rodents meaning that most of their activity takes place at night. Despite having poor eyesight, their other senses make up for it, rather well. They can take advantage of other senses to ensure their survival wherever they go. Mice can be beloved creatures as many people keep them as pests, but as vermin, they can cause a lot of trouble to your property by chewing and gnawing on about everything that crosses their path. Mice as pests are troublesome to have.

Outdoors, they are often preyed on by numerous predators. Some examples are cats, snakes, birds, and the list goes on. Surprisingly, considering that the list is quite extensive, the little hero has held up quite well throughout the ages. Their intelligence, agility, and adaptability make them one of the most successful mammals to roam the earth.


Damage to Property

When you happen to deal with a mouse infestation, property damage can already be factored in by default. They add up to thousands of dollars in restoration and reparation costs alone. Mice are quite active when it comes to nibbling, gnawing, and even biting various items across the home or business. This can cause a very real fire hazard as they are often found started mysterious house fires across various cities in Canada. Chewed-through wiring is often found at sites like these which directly link to a rodent.


Health Hazards

Mice can seem pretty innocent at first because they look so lovable. But hidden behind that cute face lies a terrible secret. It turns out that the mouse can transmit a host of diseases and bacteria that can make somebody fall ill quite severely. The feces and urine that they leave behind can be harmful to oneʼs health. Through just indirect exposure, they can be damaging enough. By coming in contact with either their feces, urine, or salvia you can be at risk of contracting one of the thirty-five diseases associated with rodents. Rodents were the main cause of spreading the Bubonic Plague throughout Europe resulting in millions of deaths.

Mice, like most other members of the rodent family, are proven health hazards and have the potential to spread some of the most serious diseases known to humankind. Plague, for example, is a disease that spreads through rodents like mice and rats, and this disease alone has accounted for millions of human deaths across the world over only the last few centuries.

On the list of dangerous diseases that mice spread through their saliva, feces, urine and even the fleas and mites on their body are Leptospirosis, Bubonic Plague, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Rat Bite Fever, Tularemia, Salmonella and Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever.

While the saliva, fecal matter and urine of mice are proven carriers of some dangerous bacteria and viruses, recent studies have even proven that the tears of mice could carry the dangerous Zika virus.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why the presence of mice is an issue that should never be taken lightly. Even a single mouse can cause havoc on the health front, and zero tolerance towards their presence or even occasional visits to your property is the only solution that can keep these health threats at bay.

Why Hire a Professional Mice EXTERMINATION Company?

Mice control is a highly detailed task that proves to be successful only when all the aspects are taken care of in a diligent manner. The removal of the current population is an important aspect, and this process needs to be completed in a safe manner, as traps and poisonous baits could end up harming children or pets in the household too. Moreover, the sanitization and proofing solutions are important in terms of health and the possibility of repeat infestations too.

DIY techniques seldom pay attention to all these aspects of mice removal and control, and therefore, offer only temporary solutions that could also go wrong in several ways. Therefore, to ensure that the mice problem on your property is handled in a safe and comprehensive manner, hiring a professional pest control agency is often the wiser choice.

Professional pest control agencies like Pest Control Hamilton have all the necessary equipment and resources to handle a mice infestation, irrespective of its size and severity, and do so in a safe and comprehensive manner. Their services also include proofing solutions which help you avoid future infestations.


At Pest Control Hamilton, we offer comprehensive mice control services that cover all the necessary aspects of mice removal. In addition to removing the current population of mice from your property, we also get rid of the nests, any young that may be present in these nests, sanitize all the areas invaded or infested by these rodents, and even offer proofing solutions that will keep them away in the future.

Our technicians are fully insured and licensed, and carry out detailed inspections to gauge the extent of the infestation on your property. We then get to work on the solutions in a safe and discreet manner, making sure that we also seal possible entry and exit points to keep outside mice from entering your premises again.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and comprehensive answer to your mice problems, call us on XXX-XXX-XXXX for a prompt inspection today.

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