The Danger of Black Carpenter Ants in the Home

The Danger of Black Carpenter Ants in the Home

No one enjoys the thought of having any creepy-crawling pests lurking through their home, especially when they have children and pets around. It can be truly concerning when you come to find out that your home is being infested with carpenter ants, considering these ants can be quite damaging. The question of how dangerous these pests truly are when they enter your home can be the first thing that comes to mind, following the issue of removing them safely. The good news is that even though these ants have large jaws for penetrating through the wood, they rarely bite humans unless they feel threatened. And even if they do stop for a bite of human flesh, although painful, their bites are not venomous to people and are not known to spread disease.

However, these pests are still very dangerous in a different way. If they choose your home as a nesting spot, the structural damage could be catastrophic.

The Real Danger

Since carpenter ants are on the prowl for a nesting spot made of moist wood, the structure of your home can be in danger. And since these pests return year after year, it can be extremely difficult to manage them on your own without an ant control Hamilton. A large colony that is created by these ants can create extensive damage to your home over time, considering a mature colony holds thousands of ants.

Carpenter ants are known to be attracted to damaged wood from heavy moisture or decay. Once they burrow themselves into the wood, they expand the tunnel and begin destroying healthy wood. The strength and structure of the wood become damaged and at risk of being compromised. This process continues until the structure of the wood is no longer healthy and strong, making it extremely dangerous for you and your family once the carpenter ants begin destroying the inside foundation of your home.

Prevention Before the Damage

Prevention is the key to saving your home from these destructive pests, however, sometimes it’s too late. If you live in areas where carpenter ants are known to be an issue, it’s a good idea to begin prevention before your home is compromised. You can begin by sealing off any and all points of entry, including cracks and gaps in windows and doors. Leaky pipes should also be repaired to prevent any wood from becoming moist and decayed. If you have larges trees and shrubs near your home, it would be best to trim the branches to keep them away from your house blocking ants from easily accessing your home. And as with any pest control prevention, keep your kitchen as clean as possible by wiping down all counter spaces and storing leftovers properly.

Unfortunately, many pesticides that are sold over-the-counter are not adequate ways to control the colonies of carpenter ants. To ensure that your home is safe and free from these pests, it’s essential that you contact a pest control specialist to remove the nests and properly rid your home of the ants.