Understanding Carpenter Ant Extermination

Understanding Carpenter Ant Extermination

As a homeowner, there are plenty of nuisances and unexpected problems that you will come across. One issue is unwanted pests and insects, such as carpenter ants. These ants can wreak havoc on your home, making the structure weak and dangerous. Once you discover a carpenter ant infestation, your main concern is to get rid of these pests as quickly as possible before they cause any further damage to your home. The absolute best and safest way to rid these pests from your property is to hire an ant control Hamilton expert with the knowledge and experience to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

Recognizing an Infestation

By the time you notice a carpenter ant on your property it may be too late for prevention, but there are ways that you can quickly recognize a nest to prevent the colony from spreading and causing more damage. However, often times, homeowners confuse carpenter ants with termites and handle the extermination process incorrectly. A termite will completely eat through and consume wood, while a carpenter ant only hollows out the wood and leaves a trail behind along with the extensive damage to your home’s structure. Carpenter ants differ significantly with their image as well with a large head and black, segmented bodies ranging in sizes from ¼ to ⅜ inches long.

The nests of carpenter ants can be found indoors or outdoors, however, they always travel to moist areas. A parent nest is where you will find the queen ant residing, which is the place that you want to find and remove as quickly as possible. Since the nests can be found indoors or outdoors, it may be challenging to locate especially since these ants use a scented trail to travel back and forth through the colony. As the parent nest is complete and the room becomes limited, the ants will build a satellite nest to widen their reach. Thus making it more difficult to locate and remove.

Should You Handle it Alone?

It’s easy for an individual to attempt to locate and exterminate these pests on their own, especially with the hundreds of do-it-yourself methods and products available over the counter. However, sprays alone will not have any effects of the queen ant, it will only kill off the working ants in the colony. So, even after you have killed the worker ants, the queen will still survive and be able to lay more eggs, multiplying over time and making the colony larger than before.

Most products that are sold in stores are not made to properly eliminate carpenter ants, and will often times do the complete opposite. Carpenter ants can be alarmingly smart and store-bought repellants will detect the spray and split their colony, causing more colonies to be created. In addition, not only is the do-it-yourself method ineffective in removing the main source of these ants but it can also be extremely harmful to children and pets. It’s always better to have someone qualified and skilled to manage and remove carpenter ants effectively so that the colonies are properly located and removed.

Reaching Out for Professional Help

Although your first thought that comes to mind when you discover an ant infestation is to Google DIY methods, you may want to stop yourself and reconsider. While at first, these techniques may seem effective, there is a huge chance that the entire colony is not being treated and you will discover more carpenter ants in the near future. You need to get to the source of the infestation and catch it early. Once you notice the signs of your home becoming a nesting place for these pests, your best option is to contact a professional. A pest control specialist can locate where the nests are forming and properly eliminate these colonies from your home with suitable extermination products and methods. Early detection and response will give you the best chance at preventing future infestations.