Understanding The Difference Between A Baby Cockroach And A Bed Bug

Understanding the type of bug that you find in your home is crucial for the removal process. Not all bugs react the same to every method, and some bugs are more dangerous than others. One of the common confusions between bugs that people often have is recognizing the difference between a bed bug and a baby cockroach. Bed bug infestations are extremely disturbing since they suck and feed on human blood. Whereas cockroaches are filthy critters that multiply extremely fast but they have no interest in human blood. So, how can you tell the difference between these bugs to ensure that you are using the right bed bug extermination Hamilton method? Take a look at these distinguishing features to learn the difference between a bed bug and a baby cockroach.

What is a Cockroach?

Cockroaches are insects that resemble beetles with long antennae and flattened bodies. Their bodies are also decently long in the adult stage. These pests are known to live between months and years depending on the species, so it can be difficult to get rid of them. Especially since they can survive for almost a month without food, although they can only survive about a week without a water source. Cockroaches can survive solely on food scraps, water, and the warmth of your home, making it extremely difficult to remove their source of survival.

Baby Cockroach vs Bed Bugs

An adult cockroach will not resemble a bed bug in any way, however, a baby cockroach, or nymph, looks similar to a bed bug considering the size and color are just about the same. Many homeowners will not recognize a cockroach infestation because they expect to see adult-sized critters, and will think the infestation is related to another bug.

A cockroach nymph will usually be white or grayish in color and be smaller in size than the bed bug. While bed bugs are brown or reddish in color and have a more oval and flat shape. One of the main differences between these bugs are the eyes. A bed bug will have distinct eyes that stick out from the rest of its body. A bed bug’s antennae will also be shorter than the antennae of a cockroach. The easiest way to distinguish the difference between a baby cockroach and a bed bug is the shape of the eyes and the length of the antennae.

Both of these insects are a challenge to remove entirely from the home and can cause a huge annoyance to all members of the family. It is very important to understand exactly the type of bug you are dealing with so that you can properly manage the infestation.

How to Handle the Discovery

Once you have discovered an infestation and recognized the type of bug you are dealing with, your next move is to make a plan for removal. Both of these insects may have different immunities to certain repellants and insecticides, so it’s crucial that you use the appropriate one for the right bug. If you are still having difficulties identifying which type of bug has entered your home, calling a pest control specialist would be the ideal action. Either way, a pest control expert can assist you in identifying the insect and making a plan for removing them from your home effectively and safely. Together, you can also come up with a plan for prevention to limit further infestation in the future.